I’m really excited to write this blog today as we can now share more about the upcoming Open House and Mug Donation that Janine mentioned in last week’s blog.  We’re hoping it will be a great success and know that we will meet some great folks along the way!

When we first discussed the open house concept, we really wanted to use it as a tool to demystify oslo soup.  We have received questions about what we really do and how it all works.  Not only will you learn more about oslo soup, we also consider this an opportunity for an “Idea Kitchen.”  You can bounce your proposal ideas off of us or others attending.  It’s perfect timing as you have until March 15th to submit your proposal.

We also hope to collect donated mugs during the open house.  We plan to use these mugs to serve soup at our very first event.  If you have an extra (or two) sitting around in your cupboards, bring it over!  We’ll even take a few “mug shots” together for good measure.

Therefore – You are invited!  Come join us and learn more about oslo soup.  We are encouraging questions about potential proposals, ideas for partnering, or just general questions.  You really can’t go wrong since we will be in the lovely Grünerløkka Bakeri where you can enjoy something to eat and drink.. plus, I think we’re nice company as well.

See you March 5th from 12:00 – 14:00 at Grünerløkka Bakeri!