Interested in presenting at a future oslo soup event?  That’s great!  We cannot wait to hear from you.

Please fill out the following form and submit your amazing proposal to us.  All submissions must be sent to us via this form by March 5, 2023 for the next event.

In a nutshell, here is how we do things:

  • We receive your proposal and give it a first read, if things seem unclear to us, we come back to you and you have the possibility to edit it before the deadline.
  • At the deadline, we read thoroughly every proposal and assess them. We give higher priority to the early submissions but we also triple-check that your project is a good match for oslo soup.
  • If you’re selected, you receive an email, congratulating you (of course!) and inviting you to a pitch workshop – an informal rehearsal. We also remind you of the following rules:
    • you will have 4 minutes and a microphone
    • you will be allowed to answer 4 questions from the audience (or they will be allowed to ask you, it’s all a matter of perspective)
    • you are not allowed any visuals or props. The only exception is having your business cards on our resource board or a flyer that is not specific to the project you are pitching that day.
  • You come on the Sunday of the event, do your best to convince our audience, and if you win, you go home with the donations!

Good luck to you, thank you for sending us a proposal.

NB: Tiny tips are available for the fields with a question mark next to their headers. The FAQs webpage will help you with more detailed questions.  Be sure to select “Presenting at a soup event” under option #2. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us directly if some questions are left unanswered 😉