Our tenth oslo soup event is scheduled for Sunday, March 24th, 2019 at Forandringhuset Grønland.
Doors open at 15:30 with proposals beginning at 16:00.

Please remember a few things before attending our fabulous event:

  • We will be accepting CASH only for donations
  • And we have raffles! After your entry donation of 50kr, raffles will be 1 for 20 kr and 3 for 50kr.
  • Children are welcome 🙂
  • Doors close at 16:00 (sorry, no late comers)
  • First come, first served basis (limited capacity)
  • We encourage use of social media during the event! Therefore, there will be photography and videography. Remember to tag us 🙂 #oslosoup @oslosoup

Mark your calendars!  🙂  Follow the event on Facebook.  Please note that this event is held in English.