In our pursuit of oslo soup happiness, we have been looking for partners and donations. Mostly, we are in search of things that help our creative process and that will make our first oslo soup event an incredible and unforgettable experience. Not only will our partners make this happen – you can too! Tara and I visited different places for donations on Saturday and realised that it will be great if we could have many people support oslo soup.


So, following our pursuit for donations… WE WANT YOU! Yes, it conjures memories of wartime recruiting posters but, actually, we just need some mugs. Nothing too spectacular – or maybe it is? An opportunity to come together as a community. On March 5th, we will be arranging a question and answer session for everyone wondering about what oslo soup is and what one needs to do to pitch ideas. Your opportunity to come by and ask any question and meet us prior to the first event. In addition to this, we will be collecting spare mugs. Nothing too fancy – just something simple to serve the soup in.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding timing and location on the question and answer session and mug collection. We hope to see you on March 5th! You can bring your mug and we will take a mug shot – now don’t you love the play on words? 😉

Look forward to seeing your lovely faces (aka mugs) soon… If you believe you can help us in other ways, send us a message via our contact form. #mugshot #mugs #playonwords #oslosoup #letsnotmaketoomanyunnecessaryhashtags