Hello, Oslo!

On Tuesday, Lo and I went on an outreach mission to introduce oslo soup to Rønningen Folkehøgskole’s entrepreneurial class. Perched at the top of Grefsen, the school itself is pure Scandinavian delight: fantastic facilities, big open spaces, a warm environment and kids busy helping out cleaning the cafeteria. But the school’s best feature is undoubtedly its students – creative, talented and with lots of exciting, community-enhancing projects already in the works.


From the onset, Rønningen Folkehøgskole has been a key supporter of oslo soup. In April, students will be helping us out with cooking, logistics and video-recording the event professionally. We are excited to be working side by side with such fabulously energetic people, and will savour the sleek video editing that will make our memories of oslo soup’s debut all the sweeter 🙂

The outreach experience at Rønningen has been truly energizing. We can’t to wait to visit more schools and learn about the other fabulous, oslo soupable projects out there!