Project Title: Artdom part 2
Tell us a bit about your project:The vision of Artdom is a world where every
woman is free to express herself, enabling art to flourish through collaboration among women.
Artdom is an innovative global partnership characterized by creativity
and is a part of the nonprofit organisation Creative Changemaker’s work.It aims to create spaces where female artists can interact
and empower each other, and through their work inspire others.
Artdom also raises awareness about women’s
rights as well as women’s freedom of expression.We bring talented individuals from different countries who have the desire to spread their messages to the world through artistic expression and in the process of doing so, begin to build bridges across international barriers, inspire global cooperation, and empower each other.Artdom is an empowering strategy and a way to highlight various themes and contribute to a better world where everyone is equal.
With the help of Artdom, we highlight various themes and contribute to a better world by empowerment.
We use art to build solidarity, encourage dialogue, and reflect the common experiences amongst women internationally. Every year Artdom chooses a theme.
Starting from 2018, we have explored different issues of importance to
women. We started with Iran and Sweden.First, five artists in Iran visualized their feelings on the theme of freedom by
painting half a canvas each.
The paintings were then brought to Sweden and were finished by five
Swedish partners.
That project was successfully showcased through seven exhibitions in
Sweden and one in London.
The Minister of Culture in Iran banned the Artdom exhibition and
overnight we reached out to about 20 million people through online
channels. This was very sad but a proof of how art and the subject of
women’s rights are still seen as threats and how limited artists are in
these countries.This year we will work with Artdom part 2 Norway and Pakistan and the theme is feminism.In 2019-2021 Artdom will amplify various forms of art from 50 female artists across 6 additional countries through events, exhibitions and
online communications.
Why does this idea matter to you?:Ever since i start to realise more and more about the power in my freedom i have choosed to work with different project to be a voice for the voiceless. ARTDOM is more then art, its about the connections, empowerment and building creative bridges with this countries.
Artdom part one got banned in Iran and so did i. Because we used the words, freedom, women, womens right.
I have for the past nine years worked with creative projects and now i want to work with Artdom part 2 with Norway and Pakistan.
I just moved to Norway to make it happen even though i myself go through different challenges with this kind of projects.
But end of the day its worth it and the women in this project create uniq collaborations and inspire others.
How will your idea make Oslo a better place? :Oslo and these artist will be a part of building the bridge to Pakistan and also be a part of something bigger.
If we can show that the best countries in the world was able to go on with this kind of project, we also can inspire others and make a change with art.
How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?:It will be a great start for the project since i left everything and have a vision and more and more i meet people that help me go to the next step.
But this will really help me to pay for some of the cost to my trip to Pakistan where the artwork will start.
Social media:Facebook: @creativechangemakers Instagram: @creativechangemakers