Project description:
JOY is concerned with the leisure time of children and youth, and therefore also families, in the inner city area of Grønland in Oslo, where there is a great degree of social challenges and crime surrounding us every day, due to unemployment, poverty amonf immigrant families and a generally high degree og conflict between many individuals. JOY contributes mainly through establishing safe places to meet, and at present JOY offers an after school programme (“fritidsklubb”) for children aged 8-13 and similar project on weekends for older kids aged 13-18. Of course we offer a programme to help with homework for kids, youth and adults. We also run a family Café on Grønland for parents and children, presently two Sundays per month, with nice food and fun activities for the children. In addition we offer activities during the summer hollidays, as well as offering free rental of boats on Akerselva on Grønland for an enjoyable visit on the fjord – a unique way to experience our beloved Grønland and Oslo. The idea is simple: happy children – happier community. All people working in the projects have minority backgrounds and are positive role models for the kids, which I believe is very important in a place where several kids and youth are recruited into the business of drug dealing.

Why does this idea matter to you?
Children matter to me! If we are to create social mobility adults need to show children that we love them, support them and care a lot about their everyday well being. After many years of working with the kids on Grønland, I know that this helps them as well as their families, and this gives me a lot of energy to keep working to finance projects for them, with the aim of a permanent place for kids and youth for the coming years. As a student of psychology I know that the best effects for the kids are to be there for them every day, as well as caring for their parents. Also important for me in this community project, is that everything that happens within the after school programmes are based on the ideas and feedback from the kids, showing them that their opinion and wishes matter and results in creating joy for their friends and community. Their feeling of autonomy and acency is possibly the most important effect of the projects.

How will this make Oslo a better place:
We know from the headmaster in the local school, the parents and the kids themselves that the projects increase happiness and safety, and so we believe firmly that we contribute to making Oslo a better place.
What will you use the money for:
We will use the micro-grant funding in the way that the kids and youth find it most appropriate; in other words, they decide, as usual – as they always have the best ideas.

Facebook: JOY – Joint Organization for Youth