So, let me ask you the question – where do you do your best thinking?  For me, as many other people, it’s definitely on the loo!  Have you ever wondered why toilet walls are covered in graffiti?  People get inspiration when they get 5 mins to themselves!  (I have always wondered about who takes a pen to the loo though ;-/ )

Coming up with an idea can be quite simple but turning it into a project proposal can be a bit daunting.  FEAR NOT, Potential SOUPsters!  We here at oslo soup HQ are on hand to help!!

Yes, indeedy –  we shall be ready, willing and able to meet up with anyone who has an idea that they would like to talk about at our Open House aka “ideas kitchen” on March 5th at  Grünerløkka Bakeri between 12-14.

We thought to get your creative juices flowing we would give you a few ’tasters’ of some potential project areas that the good people of Oslo might be cooking up in their own private ideas kitchen 😉  It can be a brand spanking new start-up or an already established business looking to branch out in a new area.  The only criteria is that is must be of benefit and enrich the local community of Oslo.

  1. Dugnad Dogood exchange app – Exchange DIY/domestic/practical skill jobs such as putting up shelves with others in your local community for free.  In return, you do what you can for free e.g making some curtains.  You give the amount of hours you want to receive yourself and top it up like phone credit!  This project helps create community support networks and sustainable skill sharing within the city.
  2. Cardio tennis sessions – An already established tennis club wants to offer free coaching sessions of cardio tennis aimed at groups which may traditionally find access to sports training difficult.  For example, this may include single parents on low incomes, people with mental health problems and people trying to lose weight for health reasons.  Benefits to the community include health promotion and social inclusion.

Soooooo, what ideas you got cooking, peeps?!  Even if it’s just the basic ingredients of an idea, come down and share it with us at the Open House.  It may be it needs a bit more “flesh on the bones” before its ready to serve up but that’s what we are here for – to get you roasting for future soups to come.  (We’re like a slow cooker – taking our time to get things just right!)

You can of course just put pen to paper (or more accurately finger to keyboard) and pitch that proposal straight away, PING!!  Done in 4 mins like a microwave dinner. We are accepting proposals until March 15th for our first event on April 10th.  Then just imagine, it could be you pitching on top of oslo soup’s very own “soupbox” (geddit!) and dishing up your project to a hungry audience.


our “soupbox”

Bon appetit 🙂