Well, I talk about it,

Talk about it,

Talk about it,

Talk about it,

Talk about, Talk about,

Talk about movin,

….. Won’t you take me to Funkytown…..


Seems a weird way to open a blog post, I know.  And, yes, these are lyrics courtesy of Lipps Inc – Funkytown.  But, funky and fun truly describes our past venue location, Greenhouse Oslo.  This building showcases some older throwback architecture from the 60s and 70s with splashes of neon color, overstuffed bean bag chairs and an old school elevator.  Charmingly quirky!  And, of course, all I want to do is talk about our event!

It was exciting to showcase four amazing projects in Oslo: Meeting Face 2 Face, Network for Work, Oslo Sling Library and World Clean Up Day.  Our pitchers explored vehicles for new connections, trailing spouse support, baby carrying tools and assistance and a call to action and awareness of waste and littering.

As with every oslo soup, we shared a lovely communal meal of soup, cake and bread. Nothing too funky here – just delicious flavors!  I know that I wasn’t the only one who got seconds 🙂 Just in case you’ve forgotten, we have this lovely menu to remind you of the wonderful food donors.

Another funky good time – RAFFLES!  One of my favorite parts of the day (including the pitches, food and winner announcement, of course!)  From a private wine course to a designer pillowcasegreeting card collection – quilled flamingo in frame – handcrafted magic wands and a lovely donation of Oslo Writer’s League publications.  Some lucky winners at this event with all these lovely prizes to win!

While all very different deserving projects, Network for Work won the most votes and took home 6 510 kr!

Photo courtesy of Leanne Gundersen Photography

Nikol is already scheduling events – the latest … Is English enough to find a job in Norway? Very interesting topic – certaintly relevant and informative!

Now, inspired?  We have an opportunity for you!  Consider applying to join us at our next oslo soup at SALT – June 10th!  Fjord, sauna, and nomadic art… it is certain to be a good time for all.  We are accepting projects now.  You can submit online… and extra points to early submissions J


So we…

Talked about it

Talked about it

Talked about it…. Oooh yeah


And now, I encourage you to talk about it, share about us and invite your friends to our next event! Want to suggest a donor?  Email us.  Have a cool venue suggestion? Send it!  Know a cool project just perfect for oslo soup microfunding? Share that info!  We are all ears, folks.


Oslo soup is a community event and we want to hear from you and see you all there. 🙂