It is Easter time, it is chocolate time, it is food time. This is the perfect opportunity to share the winning soup with you. I know you are all super excited to find out which soup we will be serving at our first event in April… but before I announce the winner I would like to thank everyone for voting , for taking their time to do so and – bla bla bla. No, do not worry. Even though I have written and practiced my Oscar speech, I will not torture you with it… So here it is…. Drumroll please…

AND… the winner iiiis…. the delicious BUTTERNUT, LEEK & APPLE soup. YUM. (I am very happy about this, since I also voted for it). We got 30 votes in total. Whoop whoop.

And because we all love to eat (me in particular, but also my fellow soupies Lo, Tara and Giulia) we decided to make the soup and test it for you all. I am happy to say that it was a huge success. Lo, our very own female version of Jamie Oliver, took us through the how to’s and what to do’s of making the soup. And the best part of it all, Tara filmed it. (Well, actually.. the best part was the eating of the soup even though the filming came in as a close second :)) So, EVERYONE can see how it is made and learn the tricks of the trade. The video can be found below.

Feel free to practice and eat it, share it with all your friends and give us comments. We are happy to hear what you think of it… and for anyone in Oslo on April 10th, don’t be shy and come to our first event. 🙂

See y’all very soon..

Over and out,