So, you know the scene you’re at a party and the question comes up “what’s your dream job”?

Well, taking into account past experience, future job predictions and current financial situation my only logical answer is lottery winner!!! “That’s not a job” snorts one deluded person. “ahh, but it is, with lots of money comes greaaaaaaat responsibility” ( that sounds sort of familiar, anyone?)

I like people, I like community, I love to talk 😉 so would I shut myself away a la Greta Garbo “I vish to be alone” or would I still shake my booty in the great social construction we call society?

The answer dear readers is simple, I would volunteer 🙂 all the fun and fulfillment of DOING SOMETHING (the what, where, why and when not important) with none of the nagging feeling that your only doing this to pay the bloody gas bill :-/

I can talk from experience, for the past two years I have been a volunteer here in Norway and have loved the experience more than I could imagine. I’ve met great people, seen smashing places, felt genuinely valued and had a lovely break from being a wage slave! Oslo soup is an extension of my love of Norway and Oslo in particular and a way for me to put something back into the community I feel  very at home in now.

Oslo soup hosted our first event recently. We had a stella team of volunteers who helped us out on the day. They served the soup, manned the resource board, and drove around the mindboggling amount of stuff you need to do a soup event! They were genuine pillars of salt 😉 I for one felt very happy these beautiful people are giving their time and skills for free to help us put on an amazing live event for your pleasure! We couldn’t do it without them and a big TUSEN TAKKALIGE goes out their way 😉

We are always looking to hook up with new people who would like to become part of the soup experience. If you feel you have something you can bring to oslo soup then please drop us a few lines at detailing this. For example, linking us up with existing contacts you have that could support oslo soup in some way, canvassing donations of ingredients, making food or suggesting different groups we can target to receive pitch ideas from 😉

We are a new organization so we are learning as we go and therefor will identify new and different volunteering needs as we go along. So we hope you come with us on this exciting journey and have fun volunteering with us.