Oh dear, it has already been a month !!

Yes, a month since our last event, and we are so proud of its success. Being part of the board is demanding during the weeks that lead to the event, but it also has its perks. You see, during those busy days preparing for oslo soup @ Forandringshuset, we were contacted by Jan Erik from The Escape Hunt.

He was generously offering to donate an Escape game for our next event. Yes, you have read well, on the 1st of September, at Prindsen Hage, you may be winning one of the coolest activities of the 21st century!  Now that is very good for YOU but what about us? Why am I mentioning this after saying that being a board member had perks? Because we got to try it too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you can tell from the number of exclamation marks how excited I was. I am a huge fan of escape games, so it was not a pain for me to go and check that one out for you. We want only the best for our soupies ?

The Escape Hunt is located on Øvre Slottsgata, and it is fairly easy to miss. Maybe that’s the first puzzle you have to solve? I am nice, so I will give you a clue: look out for the sign. Don’t expect more hints from me!

The Escape Hunt offers three different games, all with a local theme. One is about the norse mythology, one about the Oslo fortress and the one we tried, which takes place in Norges Bank.  The four of us and Leeanne’s husband (who is an escape game fan too) had a lot of fun trying to find a diamond stored in the vault of the Bank of Norway AND to find a proof that the bank manager was a crook. I know a thing or two about escape games, and this one is worth your time. The setup was well done and the puzzles were clever. I can only advise you to try them yourself, see if you are smarter than them. I will let you guess if we were!

One thing is for sure, when we got out of The Escape Hunt, I was only thinking of trying the other games. You should too, but keep one to experience with the raffle you will have won at oslo soup !

Thank you Jan Erik and the team of The Escape Hunt for offering us the fun of “Innbrudet i Norges Bank” !