They say that raising a child takes a village. If there is anything I learnt from the oslo soup journey is that the opposite is also true: raising a village takes a lot of engaged children – people who care, and who take it upon themselves to affect change.

A year after our first SYNG event, I wish to extend my gratefulness to the many children of Oslo, both native and acquired, whom have supported us since our inception. You enabled our very existence, and continue to do so. Thank you!

Putting into words the magic of a room full of enthusiastic, positive, supportive and entrepreneurial citizens is no easy feat – let’s have numbers speak. In one year, we have been indulged with over:

  • Over 300 beautiful, supportive participants,
  • 16 fantastic project pitchers,
  • Over 20’000 micro-raised NOK (sounds like chickens),
  • 80 litres of luscious soup,
  • 10 kilos of savoury bread,
  • hundreds of delightful cupcakes,
  • dozens of luscious cakes,
  • gorgeous finger food and, most recently
  • fabulous raffle prizes that have kept our attendees at the edge of their seats.

I feel truly lucky for the support we receive, and luckier still for the brilliant projects we enable raising funds for. Yet, I believe that the defining trait of oslo soup does not stem from micro funding, but rather from the synergies it creates and the idea it empowers: bottom – up democracy.

Over the course of the past year, we have been the humble platform of many generative interactions. Friendships were formed, ideas refined, businesses launched and banana bread baked. At Smelteverket, Annetta and Mike, who pitched separately, decided to collaborate and finalised a book deal.

Following our social media appeal, December winner Made in Tøyen was donated 26 meters of fabric for their mending & upcycling workshops aiming to facilitate integration and women’s empowerment with Kulmis Social Enterprise. We also received our fair share of love. We were humbled by Kelly’s blog post, and grateful for Tim’s donation all the way from Colorado.

Collaboration opportunities arise all the time. Our latest co-winners, Bree and Anne-Marthe, might have good scope to cooperate, and we are excited to hear about their progress at Skippergata 22 on August 27th. Finally, Oslo is a community that cares and takes charge – anyone can be an architect of change. Need a first brick to get started? Join oslo soup and actualise!

The journey continues.

Big hugs from your very own Giulia