Greetings fellow Oslovians! we here at oslo soup HQ are looking to partner with individuals and businesses in Oslo, namely to provide some lovingly made soup, bread or cake to feed the hungry masses attending our next crowd funding community meal.

Help us with our upcoming event at MESH on August 28th and you get to promote your goods and services at the event and we’ll proudly advertise our union on our website and multiple social media outlets.

You get the opportunity to add yourself to our ever growing and impressive list of sponsors and partners such as Pan e Nus, Soul’s kitchen and Suppegutta.


It’s great CSR (corporate social responsibility, don’t ya know!) fantastic for networking and it’ll make you feel all fuzzy inside 😉

Oslo soup has been attracting loads of interest on social media lately including being followed by Innovasjon Norge on Twitter and my mum on Instagram ;-/

We want to fuel lovely local ideas and businesses that benefit smashing Oslo;

One Crust

One Slice

One Bowl at a time

We welcome your contribution no matter how big or small 🙂 contact us at and my secretary will deal with it ….MONEYPENNY!!!