OADLES: Oslo Amateur Drama League for English Speakers

Tell us a bit about your project

OADLES is multicultural, English-speaking theater group started in June 2020. We aim to provide a meeting place and community for passionate amateur actors, directors and theater lovers of all nationalities in and around Oslo. Organized as a non-profit, we plan to offer a creative space for both the local and international communities through English-language theater productions. In the future, we hope to expand OADLES to produce theatre for speakers of other languages as well as gatherings for improvisation, workshops and courses.

Why does this idea matter to you?

Moving to a new country can be challenging under the best of circumstances. Building a community, making friends and getting involved is particularly tough when you haven’t yet grasped the local language. My community back home, for example, was rooted in the theatre, but here I don’t have that yet because my Norwegian skills are that of a toddler! I hear this echoed by many other newly-arrived foreigners of all nationalities – moving can be difficult and isolating, and even more so during these times of Covid. I am passionate about creating a space where people who cannot participate in local activities due to a language barrier, are able to thrive. Nothing brings out people’s untapped potential and brings people together like theater!

How will your idea make Oslo a better place?

OADLES will provide a community for everyone in Oslo: newcomers, old-timers and locals. It will bring them together with the common love for theatre, and create a space for any English-speaking enthusiast to be able to participate in the local arts. We provide an opportunity for those who feel excluded to be included, in whatever way they choose to participate – a local production is a celebration of teamwork and creativity for those on-stage, behind stage and for the local community. School children can come and see an English-language performance live rather than just reading the play. It can also open the door for new voices in theater (directors, writers, performers). If we are prohibited from meeting due to the pandemic, we can develop online play-reading and workshops in the meantime.

 How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept ?

The micro-grant funding will be used to rent spaces for rehearsals and performances, and to purchase theatre props, costumes, and other production needs for our first production which we aim to have in 2021. It may also be put towards fundraising and advertising efforts.

Manu’s Kitchen Table

Manu's Kitchen Table
Tell us a bit about your project

My project is a passion project.
I am currently working on starting a video series, where I hope to break cultural/modern stereotypes through cooking and storytelling. With this project I hope to reach the multi cultural population of Oslo and others, to create a safe space for conversation, nostalgia, sharing knowledge and using humor and food to deliver important messages about the importance of acceptance and diversity.

Why does this idea matter to you?

This project means so much to me, because growing up gay in 3 different continents I always felt like a fish outside the pond. I have always adapted and integrated into my new society, but I never fully felt that feeling of belonging. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that feeling, and I want to raise awareness about the obstacles these people may experience in their daily lives.
So with this medium, I would like to raise awareness and start these conversation.

How will your idea make Oslo a better place?

I hope to bring a sense of inclusion and acceptance to diversity to the city.

 How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept ?

I will purchase the recording equipment necessary for the show, as well as purchase food for the first few episodes.

The MILK virtual village for postpartum support

The Milk and Oil Company
Tell us a bit about your project

I recently began a company as a massage therapist & postpartum professional. The name is The Milk & Oil Company and I provide massage & postpartum care.

I am specializing in postpartum doing postnatal massage treatments, hip closing treatments & offering in person & online postpartum support. However, after setting everything up I came to the big realization that postpartum care in Oslo is rather limited because there’s little awareness on the importance postpartum health has on immediate & future maternal health.

So I decided to trace my steps back and go to the root of the problem: create awareness about the importance of postpartum care not only among mothers but among their families & the community in general. By rising awareness we open the door to information & by providing factual information to new & expectant mothers, I hope to give women the tools they need to empower their own experiences & make informed choices about postpartum.

Pregnancy & birth matter and we fight for the right to care & choice. Postpartum is also a crucial, yet often neglected, period of time when women need extra support & care. If that support is not available, we cannot expect women will fight to have better overall experiences where they are supported, taken care of, given time & space to heal to prevent physical & emotional consequences later on.

As part of my business I created an online support system called “the milk virtual village” & a postpartum preparation education tool called “mapping your postpartum journey.”

The village project is a virtual space for support & guidance where new mothers can have as much or as little involvement & as a part of it I will offer mother circles.

The learning tool is a program with 9 modules where expectant parents can learn about postpartum & what to expect.

The main reason everything is set virtually is because I launched the whole project as Covid-19 happened & I realized in the cold of Norway & during these uncertain times, I want to continue supporting women virtually because the online world is always available regardless of what’s happening outside.

However, I am developing the program to bring both the learning experience & the mother circles live in Oslo from September to offer both options locally.

My goal is to be there for mothers from their pregnancy & help them map their journey, prepare for what’s coming & follow them through postpartum with guidance, support & validation.

Why does this idea matter to you?

The idea is very personal. It is based on my own experiences having children in two different countries & observing the different options available. It matters to me because postpartum can be a hard & lonely experience with challenges we cannot even fathom before it begins. This idea is very close to my heart because, regardless of the fact that postpartum does not equal mental health, it does have a profound effect on it & women need care and support during a very fragile & vulnerable stage. I care about this idea because new mothers (new birthing parents) need to feel safe & heard instead of judged or suppressed. And I care because awareness is low & needs are high. Every time I work on a mother postnatally i hear stories of long term pain, little support, lack of validation & I am privileged to hear the stories because people open up during a massage. So I care because women have entrusted in me their concerns and as a postpartum professional I need to do something about it.

How will your idea make Oslo a better place?

To be honest, I don’t know how much I will get done in Oslo or Norway in general. But that does not mean I will give up.

The idea of self sufficiency, practically & autonomy that so brilliantly embodies so many local beliefs and customs, has crossed over to a very delicate arena such as postpartum. Yet, the need is there, the need for more attention & care is tangible and I, for once will work on creating awareness & giving mothers who want it, that special support & care so they can embark on this journey from a place of healing.

So I am invested & I will work hard, everyday, so I can reach those mothers In Oslo who do need what I have to offer & so down the line, in one or two or five years we can talk about postpartum care as something that goes beyond long walks with a big pram.

An extended period of maternity without proper postpartum care leaves a void on maternal health & we simply need to do more. So I hope my efforts for awareness can bring the subject to the surface so we can talk about it & give birthing parents the gift of informed choice & validation.

If I can help one mother in need, I will make this place better already.

 How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept ?

The concept is all set up. But running this programs & circles is not cheap. Regardless of my wishes of altruism I do have a family & the training for a postpartum professional is costly. Running a website is also costly.

Since I have already set everything up I can use the money to help women directly with small financing options with the services I offer.

The micro-grant can be used in several ways:

1. Sponsoring Oslo parents in need to join mother circles and/or the postpartum preparation programs both virtually or in person.

2. Paying for a space to use for in-person mother support circles in Oslo.

3. Sponsoring virtual support sessions to Oslo based mothers in need.

4. Sponsoring a short version or the program for Oslo families of lower income who need guidance and support.

I guess if I were to win I would decide based on how much money I have and what option can help more parents.


Tell us a bit about your project

We want to be the bridge that connects jobs for skilled migrants and refugees with companies in Norway. We aspire to be the preferred provider in this space.  

Whilst more and more young people are taking higher education, the need for skilled talent in companies continues to rise. This is where Skillhus comes in; to shine light on the growing number of highly qualified refugees and migrants already living and looking for work in Norway. Companies are looking for this exact talent and as well as ways to improve workplace diversity, but are unable to find such candidates due to stereotypes, limited knowledge and cultural barriers. 

Why does this idea matter to you?

I get energy from helping people, especially those with a refugee and migrant background. I have experienced the struggles of migrants. has My own family, who had to go back to university, learn a new language and completely re-establish themselves in a new country with limited support. My husband struggled to find a job when he moved from Australia, a person who had high qualifications but was not given an opportunity due to language barriers. This has encouraged me to do something about this problem so that newcomers and future generations will not have the same experience.

How will your idea make Oslo a better place?

1. Through Skillhus, participants will secure meaningful work (relevant to their expertise) which has a direct impact on unemployment, social exclusion and high vulnerability in Oslo. By raising awareness Skillhus is drawing attention to a highly-skilled talent pool which is commonly overlooked.

2. Skillhus directly reduce unemployment, creating a more inclusive economic growth that drives the progress, and decent jobs for all resulting in improving living standards.

3. By matching global talent with local job opportunities in Oslo, people are included for opportunities, services, and ultimately given the chance of a better life.

 How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept ?

– The micro-grants from Oslo Soup will help us to create more visibility/attraction on social media through paid advertising.

– Branding of our concept

– Build on our website/platform and integrate more services for customers to access online