“Every ending is a new beginning” (Marianne Williamson)

Yes, it is a cliché, but it is also very true.. After almost four years in Norway it is time for me to say goodbye. I am saying goodbye to the very icy, non-ploughed sidewalks in winter, Taco and waffle Friday and to the cashless society Norway is. But most importantly, I am saying goodbye to my life in Norway – and a big part of my life in Norway was oslo soup. The next event on March 24th will be my last one, well at least as part of the team and also the last one where I will be on stage hosting the event. As a matter of fact, it will also be the first event where we have our own microphone – just as a side note and for your information. So, if you want to listen and hopefully laugh at my bad jokes and admire our new microphone, you should come to the next event, which will be on March 24th at Forandringshuset Oslo.

Oslo soup has not only been a big part of my life, but for all my fellow soupies and everyone else who has benefitted from the concept. I wanted to add my favourite experience of oslo soup, but from all we have achieved I could not define one thing that was better than another. After every event, my cup is full.. full of pride of what has been achieved, full of awe for the people contributing and full of love for the city of Oslo. The city we all call home and the city that has so much to offer. So.. I will be leaving with only positive and happy feelings and thoughts.

Even though my oslo soup chapter is coming to an end, another person’s oslo soup chapter is just beginning. If I were on stage or at an event, I would say ‘give it up’ or ‘raise your glasses’ for our newest board member – Nikki Kooger. She is, like all the other soupies (Margot, Tara, Leeanne & Wiktoria), a superhero. Not only because of whom she is, but also because she has been a loyal and great supporter of oslo soup from way back when. She has been a super-volunteer and we have benefitted from her support, ideas and energy in the past and we are all very excited to have her on board.

So, as I am writing this with one crying and one smiling eye, I must say, I am incredibly proud of being replaced by such a superstar.

So – raise your glasses to Nikki and let’s all wish her good luck on the board but most importantly A LOT OF FUN with oslo soup.

And this concludes my last blog for oslo soup… thank you to you all, you have been fantastic.

Over and out,



PS: Here a little collection of some of my oslo soup moments <3