Project Title:Vindskift
Tell us a bit about your project:Vindskift is a non profit organization that connects sailboatowners, sailors and other volunteers with vulnerable youth. We focus on integration in the local community where Vindskift-events occur and also on recruiting youth to sailing. We have been up and running for four years and have taken 1000 youth out on sailing trips. The youth generally want to came back. We provide a hot meal, an extraordinary experience and meetings between people who generally would not interact in an intimate space. Once every week threw out the sailing season we have events. We have expanded to four other yachclubs and we are talking to others who would like to have Vindskift-events in their club.
The sailing community can to many seem closed and Vindskift is opening it up to city-youth. We are connecting opposite poles in society.
Why does this idea matter to you?:This idea matters to me and the rest of the women behind Vindskift because we are unique. We are using resources that are generally not being that frequently used. Lots of boats are just lying in the harbour the whole season and this is a great opportunity for the boatowners to share their sailing experience with others. We have created a small community where people are coming from a space of giving. The youth and families who get to experience the boat trips feel elevated and they have in many ways had a culture exchange.
How will your idea make Oslo a better place? :It will help remove prejudice in the society and also make barriers in the city smaller. We are introducing the youth to the idea that sailing is a sport. If some of the youth want to continue, we provide followup courses.
How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?:We will use the funding for activities in 2020.
Social media: Facebook: @Vindskift Instagram: @Vindskift