Greetings, Oslo!

I am back in town after a German chapter, and I feel soupier than ever! So far, 2016 gave us an excellent run at soup, and we look forward to the December 11th event ALMOST as eagerly as we await Schmutzli (Janine understands).

Close as we are to our first birthday, my marvel at the wondrous power of soup doesn’t show signs of abatement. Such a simple concept, such big impacts. I wholeheartedly support our wonderful Amy Kaherl’s vision to build a global online ecosystem through which worldwide soupies can exchange stories of what’s working, what’s not and what can be replicated in different countries.

Until then, I handpicked a selection of ten fabulous projects that have rocked Soup communities all around the world. So here we go (NOT in order of preference 🙂

  1. Juvo Designs (Liverpool Soup): Juvo, a design agency collaborating with the head of Physical Education at St Vincent’s, a local school for children with visual impairments, to create a rugby ball that has textures and sounds. Read more about Juvo Designs here:
  1. Sit on it Detroit (Detroit Soup): bus benches with built-in free library, giving passengers something to read on their journey. Read more about Sit on it Detroit here:
  1. U.City Roots TV Show (St. Louis Soup): a youth-led and driven community TV show about sustainability, cooking, entrepreneurship and personal growth. Read more about U. City Roots TV Show here:
  1. Mitchell Mustangs Chess Team (PhilaSoup): youth chess team using funds to buy chess clocks and cover the children’s expenses to attend nation-wide tournaments. Read more about Mitchell Mustangs Chess Team here:
  1. Building Women Up (Ottawa Soup): series of weekly workshops through which women learn about basic home repair skills, gaining hands on experience on tool safety, installing deadbolt locks, laminate flooring and basic household plumbing. Read more about Build Women Up here:
  1. Ottawa Tool Library (Ottawa Soup): a tool library that lends tools instead of books. The Library also offers workshops for every skill level, providing an open make space where anyone can collaborate and work alongside makers, artists, builders and hobbyists to realise their projects. Read more about the Ottawa Tool Library:
  1. Devon Blood Bikes (Exeter Soup): association of bikers volunteering to transport blood to hospitals in times of need, enabling the National Health Service to save money on courier services. Their aim, aside from saving lives and providing an invaluable service to the community, is to promote a positive image of motorcyclists to the public. Read more about Devon Blood Bikes here:
  1. Chicks With Sticks (Bozeman Soup Project): a women’s bucket band dedicated to making a joyful noise, celebrating life’s diversity in its many forms, supporting sexual orientation issues, women’s empowerment and other social justice work. Say hello to Chicks With Sticks here:
  1. Just Listening To You (Southend Soup): support group providing anyone living with mental health problems with a safe area for conversations. The group strives to build a space where anyone can find opportunity, positivity, genuine friendship and interact with others without stigma. Read more about Just Listening To You here:
  1. Dance Days of Buffalo (Sugar City Sunday Soup): three-day eclectic dance festival with classes scheduled across the city, running from morning until night. Special events, networking opportunities and classes culminate in a nightly performance. Read more about Dance Days of Buffalo here:


We LOVE these projects, and we know many such projects are out there in Oslo. Help us find them, and see you in December at Smelteverket ♡