We are so happy to feature Max who presented the project titled, Oslofolk, at our event on September 1, 2019!  Read more about the project below:

Project Description

Oslofolk is a project that aims to celebrate the growth of Oslo and the diversity of its residents through a living online database of free images and stories for use by architects, designers, and those interested in the diversity of our city. “Oslofolk” will provide an evolving online source of images and stories through the collection and sharing of real Oslo residents’ experiences. The project also aims at breaking down invisible barriers in our city by giving a face, context and voice to a wide diversity of people from all over Oslo. The project also aims to build Oslo resident’s sense of civic pride, in that Oslo residents are prominently showcased as the face of our city.
Whether working with new development projects, competitions or schoolwork, designers and urbanists are constantly creating visualizations of projects. These visualizations are used to give the feeling of the project and describe its eventual use, target group and qualities. The public views these images in sales materials, advertisements and a variety of media. In Oslo this is especially true with the amount of development taking place in the city. However, the market for these images is currently dominated by few sources which provide little diversity in ethnic background, age or economic level within the database. By continually missing the mark of representing diversity, these databases fail to fully take advantage of opportunities for connecting, learning, community and teamwork.

Why does this idea matter to you?

Alongside this high-paced development, the question, “Who is the new Oslo resident?” needs to be asked. With the internationalization of the city, the Oslo resident’s tilbud for sport, food, style and experience is constantly evolving. Additionally, the background of the people who call themselves residents of Oslo is also changing. From within Norway and around the world, Oslo is becoming a more diversified city. These factors contribute to the exciting energy of Oslo. This should be celebrated. However, many do not see these changes without their own set of issues. Many of these issues stem from a lack of proper integration of people on all sides of the issue or a lack of understanding of others. This lack of interaction leads to further divided social groups and less understanding about one another. As our city grows, our need to be connected is ever-more important. This is where a tool such as “Oslofolk” can help.

How will you idea make Oslo a better place?

Oslofolk will showcase the stories of a wide variety of residents, in a way that is both interesting and practical. The database will contribute to blurring the the invisible lines that divide Oslo through sharing real Oslo resident’s experiences.
A mobile studio that is easy to transport and easy to use in any situation will be used for the collection of photos. The studio consists of a camera, green-screen and proper lighting. Over the course of several weeks, mobile studios can be set up at various places around Oslo, from markets at Grønland to parks in Groruddalen to beaches in Bygdøy to ski tracks in Nordmarka. These studios require the participation of the individual and the photographer to ensure their success. The mobile studio’s low threshold for interaction works to its benefit of creating a fun atmosphere for the participant as well as sparking the curiosity of those around while raising awareness for the project. Legal consent will be given by any participant of Oslofolk.

How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?

After photos are taken, they will need to be edited and converted to the proper formats most commonly used by designers. This will require a computer and design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Once edited, the images, stories and maps will be uploaded to the Oslofolk website, which will need to be built. Upon upload, the images and stories are immediately free and available to the public.

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