We are so happy to feature Ampy who will present the project titled, Voksenenga Nærmiljøhage, at our event on March 24th, 2019!  Read more about the project below:

Project Description

Voksenenga Nærmiljohage is a community garden that focuses on growing organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits and berries. Young and old come together to learn, build and share in the community spirit.  During the spring, summer and fall, school groups take part in workshops, seniors come to take part in social activities, families from near and far join to work and play, sharing their cultures, love of nature and get our hands dirty while growing friendships and good food.

Why does this idea matter to you?

The welcoming spirit at Voksenenga makes it a place where no matter your experience level or interest, everyone has a role to play. The connections made as we work during the growing season and the bounty at the end of harvest, creates a deep sense of community. This project serves as a template to develop other unused parcels of lands in the city and create a space that brings people together.

How will you idea make Oslo a better place?

Voksenenga serves as an example of what community members can do when working together. With focus on caring for the environment, the garden inspires us to work towards a better world in our little corner of the city.

How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?

A micro-grant will allow us to build an irrigation system and free up much need working hands throughout the season.

How to contact this project:

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Voksenenga/

Instagram: @voksenenga