We are so happy to feature Padma who will present the project titled, Street Meditation, at our event on March 24th, 2019!  Read more about the project below:

Project Description

Street Meditation is a worldwide movement that was born in Brasil in 2017. A totally inclusive and non-profit movement that unites people from different countries, languages, beliefs and ages.

Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, and awareness. Among other benefits, practicing meditation can result in better focus, less anxiety, more creativity, more compassion, less stress and a sense of calmness and peace.

The purpose of Street Meditation is to inspire people to experience more peace and unity by connecting people that share the same purpose.

The plan is simple: everyone meditating for 20 minutes together at the same time and date! That’s a big amount of focused energy, connection and an inspiration to people in Oslo to experience peace through moving the attention inwards.

Street Meditation is non-denominational and open to all. It’s not about promoting any particular practice. Everyone is invited to get involved, regardless of what practice you follow.

Why does this idea matter to you?

Meditation brings me peace and a fulfilling sense of presence. That experience makes me whole and content, and I basically want others to experience the same. I make meditation as my priority experience and I do that trough practicing and teaching a meditation technique called “The Ishaya’s Ascension” that I can use with both eyes open and closed. I organise Street Meditation in Oslo because I know that there are lots of people out there that share the same yearning for peace like I do and it seems like when many of us put ourselves together with the same intention we become more powerful, we inspire more, connect more and love more.

How will you idea make Oslo a better place?

Street Meditation may inspire people to practice meditation, discover that beyond the chatter of the mind there is a space of peace and stillness within, in this state it is easy to release stress, be more calm and love more.

How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?

I want to make loud noise in Oslo.I want to increase awareness by putting together a bunch of people that promote peace by closing their eyes. This will take place in Oslo by Sunday the 2nd of June 2019 in front of Stortinget at 13:00. Facebook is the promotion channel I use. In the biggest event I had, 364 people showed interest, 26 people came but only 10 people came outside of my closest circle of meditation friends. With the money, I want to run a paid campaign in social media to get the attention of 7300 people in Oslo so that become at least 100 people and make a bigger impact.

How to contact this project:

Check out their upcoming event: https://www.facebook.com/events/418833945548537/