We have a lot to catch up on…

Our last event on Sunday, June 10 2018 was at SALT, in their Langhuset building. SALT – Arts Music is a super interesting venue which is a nomadic art project. It is currently on the shore of the Oslo fjord. Check out their website to learn more about it.

After the venue was secured we found donors for soup, bread, and cake including: Ampy of American Women’s Club of Oslo, San Francisco Bread Bowl, B.T. Brød & Topping, Art Atelier, Karoline Cake Art Studio, Oslo Custom Cakes, and Piccolina! All was served up by our AMAZING group of volunteers!





We were competing with beautiful sunny weather, so our attendance was lower than normal. (If you were not in Oslo this winter it must be said that we had an especially rough one, so now that the sun is out it’s very hard to convince our fellow residents to come inside for a couple hours.) We had about 70 attendees, but because they were beautiful, generous people we were still able to raise over 6000 NOK for our winner. We think having great raffle prizes helped: we had a gift certificate for pizza for two from our most dedicated partner, Alba Catering. (Alba currently has a pizza stand right where we were at SALT.); an anonymous donor who is a friend of oslo soup gave us all four of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels;  Pilates Pilotene donated a gift certificate for a private Pilates session; and Tara Anthun donated a luxury bathrobe. Also, Papitha who has been both a volunteer and a donor to us in the past was at Handmade in Norway’s Night Market at SALT and she added an earring/necklace set from her business, Shri’s Jewelry Botique to our raffle haul.

At the event we started with Nikol from Network for Work, who was the winner at our Greenhouse event in March, giving us feedback on how her project is going thus far. Things are going well, with more events and more funders coming on board. We are so proud!

The four pitchers were: Elliott, from ConnAction Norway, whose aim is to promote social entrepreneurship and citizen empowerment in Norway; Magdalena, from Girls Can Do IT, their name is pretty self-explanatory, they want to get girls and women more involved in the IT field; next up was Suzanne of suzalingua, she runs a small language school that is especially welcoming to parents who need bring their children to class with them; the fourth and final pitcher was Vicky from the Vulva Revival, the intention of her art project to demystify the vulva. She wants people to use the proper terminology and she is also taking casts to demonstrate that all vulvas are different, so normal is relative. After the votes were tallied we found out that suzalingua was the winner!  But as we’ve said before everyone is a winner. Everyone who got to share their project idea, everyone who networked, everyone who won a raffle prize, even everyone who got to taste the delicious donated food were all winners in their own way. However, we would like to offer big congratulations to Suzanne and we wish her the best with her goals. Can’t wait to have you back to see how things are going…

With our winner Suzanne of suzalingua and one of her daughters. Also check out our new shirts from International Bullies.

You may also have noticed that our board member numbers have gone from five to four. Our lovely Giulia moved to Copenhagen some time ago. She continued to help us in the background but the commute from Denmark has proven to be too much and she has chosen to step down. We are currently recruiting a new board member see the post here.

*All images are by our frequent photographer, Antara, who recently changed her business name to RefleXon.


Leeanne and your friends at oslo soup