We are so happy to feature Ruth who will present the project titled, Oslo Sling Library, at our event on March 18, 2018!  Read more about the project below:

Project Description

Oslo Sling Library is an organisation that helps caregivers carry their children. We provide professional help and support in our drop in sessions, offer in house private consultations and hire out all common and ergonomic baby carriers. In addition we offer workshops to deepen the knowledge of different wearing techniques and provide a social environment to get to know like minded parents and caregivers.
Oslo Sling library was established in 2015 and has helped numerous families to easier days and nights.

Why does this idea matter to you?

Carrying children helps creating strong bonds, gives new moms hand free and enhances healthy physical and psychological development. Studies have shown that carried children are 40% less likely to cry and carrying even seems to help with post natal depression, which a lot of women are suffering from after brith.
In addition it opens up for more possibilities to get around, even places a stroller cannot go.
Plus All The Cuddles!

How will you idea make Oslo a better place?

Strong bonds, relaxed caregivers and babies and a great babywearing community contribute to a healthier society for many years to come. Preventing or lowering postnatal depression might safe families and keeps health related costs down.

How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?

As the project is already up and running we would use this money to make babywearing even more accessible to more people, with for example our free stretchy scheme (free hire of a stretchy wrap for all babies under 6 weeks old) and several other projects we’re currently working on.


How do I contact this project?

Facebook @OsloSlingLibrary

Facebook Group @OsloSlingLibrary