The following projects were featured at first event on April 10th, 2016 at SYNG Grünerløkka.  Project #1, Oslofjord, took home the winning donations and all did a great job!

IMG_2905Jessica presented her project, “Oslofjord” on April 10th.  Read More…

Last summer I started visiting the islands in the Oslo fjord specifically to collect pieces of “beach plastic”: pieces of styrofoam and plastic that have been molded by the sun and waves to resemble familiar natural objects such as pebbles or shells. This is a very new and troubling phenomenon that I have only personally witnessed over the last two years.

The pieces I’ve found in Oslo fjord are similiar but different than “plastiglomerate” pieces found off the coast of Hawaii. In Hawaii, pieces of plastic are melted into volanic rock.

My wish is to create a small book cataloguing what I have found juxtaposed with images of sparkly new grocery store plastic. I have a small artist publishing press called Hverdag Books and this is the press’ first project.

IMG_2904Katarina and the Rønningen Entrepreneurial Club presented  their project, “Studentens Oslo Guide” on April 10th.  Read More…

Our project is based on our personal experiences and interests as students who are always in search for something fun and new. Since we are all students of folkehogskole, our only free day is Sunday. Therefore, it is useful knowing which shops, cafes and bars are open. Sadly enough, you cannot find these listed on internet. That is where we step in . Our plan is to expand from a simple website to an app available on your smart phone.


Oskar presented  his project, “The Munch Bunch” on April 10th.  Read More…

  • Delivering healthy home cooked food for local kindergartens
  • Encouraging and facilitating a change in children’s eating habits and attitude to healthy food.
  • Educating and teaching parents the value and skills of cooking healthy home cooked food by holding free regular “Nosh knowledge” sessions to recreate recipes and help educate on special diets such as gluten and lactose intolerant.
  • Implementing a 5-a-day aim for children’s lunches to include a variety of seasonal fruits and veg to ensure children from all backgrounds nutritional needs are addressed.
  • Using narrative and storytelling to make food an enjoyable and educational part of the day for children and staff, e.g. ‘Matpaking across the universe” ‘ where does the food come from? Which parts of the world is it grown in?
  • Preparing foods associated with a variety of cultural and religious days to reflect the diversity of Oslo city.

IMG_2902Kylea, Oda & Sari presented their project, “Mjau Oslo” on April 10th.  Read More…

Mjau will be Oslo`s first cat café. The concept of Mjau is to provide a relaxing and cozy environment for customers to spend time with adoptable cats while enjoying a delicious beverage. The main idea is to get cats out of shelters and into homes faster. Customers are able to see the cats in action and learn more about their personalities in a more comfortable environment as opposed to being stuck in small cages in animal shelters.