We were so happy to feature Jimmy who is presenting the project titled, Human Aspect, at our event on August 27th!  Read more about Jimmy’s project below:

Project Description

For people facing a large life challenge, the online Life Experience Library is the best source for recognition, support and inspiration. Our library is building a variety of stories shared by humans who have struggled with different life challenges all answering the same three questions:

What is the toughest challenge you have met in life?
How did you overcome it?
What did you learn that you want to pass on as advice?

We make it possible for anyone to find someone who has been in the same situation as themselves independent of race, culture, religion, age and social affiliation.


Why does this idea matter to you and to the city of Oslo?

Since the project is based in Oslo most of the interviews are currently of the people of Oslo. They cover a range of nationalities, cultures, social circumstances.

In addition The Human Aspect has different events in Oslo such as The Dream Tree project where we gathered childrens drawings of what they dream about and displayed them in the trees outside of “Stortinget ” to remind the politicians of that all children dream of the same things.

There will be more events like this in Oslo and hopefully all over Norway and the world 🙂


How will you use this microfunding?

The human aspect is a foundation that is still in the start phase, and we have two employees that are currently working full time founded on personal savings. .

The library needs more stories to help even more people.
WIth the micro grant the project will get more stories filmed, edited, texted,

Also the resources will be used for the further development of the site functionality to be even more accessible and helpful to more people.


What elements of community or sustainability will be addressed with your idea?

As the project goal is focus on what unites us, the human aspect in us all, also the Human aspect have created the special series with topics such as stories from refugees and survivors of war, health and mental health issues, and other topics that are being profiled in the media so that there can be a more human aspect made available for people to get a deeper understanding of the issues.


How do you contact the project?  Visit them at the following links: