We were so happy to feature Saroj who is presenting the project titled, Anthology Publication, at our event on August 27th!  Read more about Saroj’s project below:

Project Description

We are a group of writers called Oslo Collaboration between Creative Minds, with 274 members. Our Facebook group is still new and is called the Creative Writers Group. Our leadership team consists of two main organizers: Saroj Chumber and Lie Yang.
We organize writing workshops every fortnight where we discuss relevant topics for writers and do some writing exercises. Our meetings are a platform for many writers to meet and get to know other writers, exchange ideas and draw inspiration from each other. Now we wish to give out an anthology, choosing stories written by the multicultural group of writers.

Why does this idea matter to you and to the city of Oslo?

Oslo has become multicultural. Many people have funny, sad or interesting perspective on what life here is like. The anthology will consist of both literary fiction, essays and poems written by authors who are members of the group. It will also be an opportunity for many writers to be published for the first time. Our aim is to encourage young and new voices from Oslo who can express themselves in words.

How will you use this microfunding?

The grant will be used to pay for the printing cost and organizing an event where we launch the anthology. Our aim is to launch it by the end of October or November in Oslo. A team of volunteers will do most of the work but we need money to pay the printing press and lay out designer.

What elements of community or sustainability will be addressed with your idea?

Our anthology will bring to forefront new voices, living here in Oslo. I’m pasting the link to our Meetup group as that is the main platform that we use for our activities and events.


How do you contact the project?  Visit them at the following links: