We are so happy to have Tibeb Artisans Co and KULMIS present their project titled, Made in Tøyen at our next event on December 11th!  Read more about their project below:

Project Description

Two social enterprises have come together at Tøyen Unlimited to use vocational training and product design to weave a community together. An ethical interiors brand – Tibeb Artisans Co – and a women’s social inclusion group KULMIS have joined forces to up-lift Tøyen. Together we plan to train local women in sewing, cut and finish and weaving. These skills will be used to make products to retail directly to customers or business to business. Bringing isolated women together to learn new skills, engage them in the local community and encourage them to be more active. Made in Tøyen is a women’s led project that will inspire others.

Why does this idea matter to you and to the city of Oslo?

As founders of two different social enterprises we have 3 things in common: we live in Tøyen, we are women working with other women and we come from East Africa. Together we want to leverage our knowledge, heritage and networks to up-lift Tøyen (our community).

This matters to KULMIS as it is a big part of our work to make the organisation self-sustainable and the members of KULMIS have the opportunity to apply and gain an income from their new skills.

This matters to Tøyen because it is experiencing rapid social change and local communities are missing out or being pushed out. Our goal is to offer the most disengaged the skills to work and define their own narrative.

This matters to Oslo as “Made in Tøyen” celebrates Oslo’s diversity and raises the profile of migrate communities in a positive way.

How will you use this microfunding?

We will use the micro-grant funding to develop the Made in Tøyen brand, to help package our products and to formalise our skills training programme.

We need print and digital packaging to develop our online identity and promote our brand outside Tøyen. If the micro-grant is sufficient we would also like to develop a printed and digital catalogue of Made in Tøyen products – to market our products to local businesses.

What elements of community or sustainability will be addressed with your idea?

We are addressing social isolation problems and women’s health issues by increasing activity and motivation for isolated migrant women. Increasing self-esteem and confidence for migrant women in Oslo.We are developing a businesses model to ensure our project grows and helps more and more people.