I get by with a little help from my friends. – John Lennon

We couldn’t do this alone!  Check out the amazing people and businesses below who donated to the oslo soup cause 🙂


Hanne PhotoHanne is Norwegian, born and bred. She started her studies toward graphic design at Idéfagskolen in Tønsberg, and got her degree at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand (where she met our lovely Janine). She works with advertising at Amedia, but also does some freelance work in her spare time for various clients, including the bands LUGN and ljungblut, and of course oslo soup! Hanne has really weird dreams at night (one time featuring David Hasselhoff battling an illiterate evil mastermind). The hazards of having a creative mind… Lucky for us, that creative mind really delivered.  Love the logo?  Hanne did it.  Love the art?  She did that too.  AND she donated a ton of time to help us with the website.  oslo soup <3 Hanne.


SYNG headerWe came in contact with SYNG well before our venture with oslo soup.  Why you may ask?  Because we love karaoke.  SYNG is a funky, rockin’ karaoke bar in Oslo’s Grünerløkka.  You can sing your heart out to nearly anything you can dream up.  Not only that, but they are mighty generous.  We’re holding our VERY first oslo soup event in their party room.  Rock on with your bad self 🙂 #SYNGOSLO



rønningen logoRønningen Folkehøgskole was founded in 1969. A folk high school is different from other kinds of schools. It is a meeting place for young people where personal growth and responsibility is an important part of the curriculum. Rønningen Folkehøyskole provides not only academic training, but also develops social skills preparing students for the challenges that lie ahead in life.

Rønningen folkhøgskole is certified as a fairtrade and green flag school. Environment and sustainability are important to the school’s ethos.  Oslo soup shares these values and, therefore, we are very excited to work alongside Rønningen students as both potential project pitchers and volunteers in the running of oslo soup. The preparation of the fabulous soup, cake and bread will be lovingly carried out by Rønningen students’ cooking group in collaboration with oslo soup. Rønningen students are also supporting us with photo/video filming of the soup events to enhance our social media coverage and help us spread the word about oslo soup. Oslo soup looks forward to a long term collaboration with Rønningen students to promote youth participation and community involvement.

Maritabutikken SignMaritabutikken is Maritastiftelsen’s bruktbutikk (thrift store) situated at Markveien 67, centrally located at Ankerbrua in lower Grünerløkka, Oslo. The shop works closely with a transportation department which has two vans and a bike workshop in Sagene. Together, they provide work opportunities for both former addicts who have completed rehabilitation, inmates who are coming out of incarceration, young people who are trying to turn their life around or others who, for various reasons, need help entering the workplace. The goal is to motivate and help them all return to a life of school and/or work where they can take responsibility for themselves, as well as, be involved with their family and local community. 

Oslo soup is very thankful to partner with Maritabutikken who has so thoughtfully supported Oslo’s social efforts for many years.  At the next event, there is a good chance you will be sipping your soup out of a lovely mug from Maritabutikken 🙂  

soupboxSia 3 Verk is a family company of many creative talents. They offer courses in woodcarving and are teachers of traditional Norwegian handicrafts for the Husflidslag workshops.  These workshops were founded in 1910 to keep traditional Norwegian handicrafts, such as woodcarving, alive in the Norwegian community.  I think you will agree that it has worked judging by our ‘bloomin brilliant “soupbox” carved lovingly by Sia 3 Verk for us. Who wouldn’t want to stand on that and share your ideas!?

Sia 3 verk also specialises in upholstering old furniture (told you they are clever!) and have an active Facebook page where new courses, offers, furniture sales and news are updated regularly. Check them out at www.sia3verk.no  CHOP CHOP 😉 !!


thumb_IMG_2418_1024The four of us met Iara through the same East End Girls’ Meetup.  Magical connections, indeed.  Iara is from Milan, Italy and spends her time in Oslo teaching Italian and Portuguese.  Of course, her talents do not end there – she is an expat blogger who has been kind enough to support us with lovely photography and videography (including the cool video about our Open House). She runs a blog which you can find at iaraheideblog.wordpress.com and a Youtube channel (in Italian). Check her out online – we think she is so fabulous 🙂

Business Cards - Copy Cat

Communication from A to Z (and A til Å!)

CopyCat is one of Norway’s leading Print-on-Demand Service Provider with sites spread around the country. They can help you out with all communication needs within digital printing, graphic design, marketing and web solutions.  Copycat can provide you with brochures, folders, packaging, labels, rollups, posters and business cards, but are not limited to this. If you have anything you want to print, chances are they can print it!  

Oslo soup is very grateful to the lovely friendly folk at Oslo Copycat as they  have provided us with free of charge swanky new business cards for when we are out and about pressing the flesh! No more forgetting our pesky phone numbers 😉  Check out their range of services at www.copycat.no.

pan e nus logo-main-1We are so lucky to team with Pan e Nus for our first event!  They provided some delectable Italian treats such as Brownies and Tiramisu to all attendees.  Pan e Nus is a catering and personal chef service company, based in Haslum, Bærum.  They offer their customers a broad palette of creative Italian menu possibilities, according to personal taste and request in Oslo, Akershus and Buskerud area.

A different night, a party with colleagues, a drink with friends, a family meal, a bridal shower, a birthday party or a romantic dinner for two… these are only few of the occasions when would be perfect to choose Pan e Nus’ services.

Their staff will plan the menu with you, buy the raw materials, cook in your kitchen, clean it up and above all make you discover the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine. You just have to invite friends and family! Contact them directly to help you organize and enjoy your special event in a genuine Italian mood!

grunerlokkabakeriWe love community bakeries and coffeehouses.  They bring us all together over hot beverages, delicious treats and great company.  🙂

In particular, we think Grünerløkka Bakeri is tops.  Not only do they offer a lovely, cozy environment to meet and chat, they are incredibly generous!  Grünerløkka Bakeri teamed up with us to host our Open House & Mug Donation.  It was a huge success!  Check them out on Facebook (and don’t forget to swing by for a hot cup of coffee, bling or scone!)

Souls Kitchen logoHALLELUJAH! For Soul’s kitchen! Based in foodie paradise Mathallen they put the G in gastro pub grub, tantalizing our taste buds with food cooked by an international staff team fusing together different cultures and flavors whilst keeping the ethos of good home cooking alive

Their mission is a simple one, provide the good folk of Oslo and Akershus with simple, delicious and affordable food that people will want to eat week after week.

Oslo soup is thankful to Soul’s kitchen for their support and encouragement and not least for agreeing to donate some smashing soup for our next live events. These clever folk are not just based at Mathallen to feed your cravings for great food in a funky atmosphere but also offer catering services for all kinds of events offering ready cooked buffets to a full kitchen service. They are partnered with Foodora so you don’t even have to leave your sofa to enjoy a feast 😉

Check out their in house and catering menus at www.soulskitchen.no and drop them a line to enquire about how they can help the foodie in you shine at contact@soulskitchen.no.

Oslo soup lovesbullie_logonavn the ethos and attitude of International Bullies – this international crew of community-minded folk have generously printed our fab t-shirts. International Bullies stands for the seven values they represent (brothers, united, love, loyalty, integrity, equality, success) and we at oslo soup can’t argue with that! Their aim is to represent individuals with their unique ideas regardless of differences, gender, faith or color. Ideas come from your mind and International Bullies will put them on your clothes (and caps, bags and even carpets!)

Whether you’re an individual trendsetter, budding footie team or multi universe company, International Bullies can help you look the part by expressing your style, message and passions, so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve! These guys are super speedy, straight from your heart’s desire and onto your T-shirt in 30 mins… Impressive, huh!?

Not only experts in the world of print but if you want snazzy stitched embroidery and patches to jazz up your clobber, you got it! International Bullies prides themselves on the quality of their work and promise all of their designs last a lifetime as long as you follow the cleaning instructions on your items.

Say what you want to say and show what you want to show with your own prints and ideas or take advantage of International Bullies’ extensive range of pre-designed logos and designs.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. Log on to internationalbullies.com for the webshop and info… or be sociable and drop in to International Bullies’ headquarters at Tollbugate 7 and chew the fat in person about how they can make you look as good as us soupies and our swish shirts 😀

 Shood LogoNEW

Shood is a super-duper idea originating from a couple of students in Oslo, that enables their fellow students to sell, share and order food from each other. They want to create a sharing community to reduce food waste, minimise cost, socialise and encourage healthy eating. Become a SHOODIE and enjoy healthy, delicious home cooked food, made by your fellow neighbours with love and friendship. Oslo soup is chuffed that Shood and their fellow shoodies are contributing some pot luck goodies to our live events. Check them out on facebook and make sure to sign up at https://www.shood.no 🙂

robertaskitchenHey cupcake!! Yeah you sweetie! Ohhhh scrummy, the Cupcakes from Roberta’s Kitchen are made fresh to order with cream cheese frosting and all lovely natural ingredients. Experience their yumminess in flavours such as vanilla caramel and chocolate with Irish coffee cream frosting 😛 We at oslo soup are licking our chops at the thought of the generously donated cupcakes from Roberta and can’t wait for our SOUPie audience to see (and munch!) these beautiful creations in all their glory.

Feast your eyes at Roberta’s Kitchen on Instagram; show her some love on Facebook and most importantly log on to robertaskitchen.no to treat yourself to some cupcake heaven for your taste buds!

14026617_948525815270894_1893251063_nWe are so excited to introduce Malgorzata who will be providing lovely muffins and taking photos during the August 28th event 🙂  We’re smitten!

Malgorzata Aulejtner and her business that focuses on photography and culinary. Photography covers mostly portraits, events, different special requests, food and travel photography. With her culinary skills and love for good quality food she produces her products and sell them in Oslo including festivals. She offers catering services and other special orders. Her focus is organic, vegan, sugar and gluten-free food – so called healthy food. Many times it is also raw and fermented. She practice yoga and teach others in her spare time. You can follow her and her work on her Facebook page and Instagram.

Glutenfrie Kaker_Nourishing Foods OsloIt is our pleasure to introduce Nourishing Foods who will be providing lovely baked foods for our even at MESH!  Nourishing Foods is a small company in Oslo committed to providing organic, delicious, baked goods and treats that are 100% without gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and artificial ingredients.

They use only high quality natural, unrefined ingredients to create our delicious, nourishing cakes, muffins, cookies, snacks, and other treats.

All baked goods are handmade from scratch and in small batches. They also create vegan and nut-free goodies.

Contact Nourishing Foods today!  They would love to make customized orders for you. 🙂  Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

MESH logo We are pleased as punch to announce MESH as a partner 🙂  They have graciously offered their backyard for our second oslo soup event!  There is something truly special about MESH and we are excited to share it with you on August 28th!

MESH is the first coworking space in Oslo, and has become the leading independent initiative for Norwegian entrepreneurs. We showcase the very best environment for anyone who wants to work, network and socialize in inspiring locations.

At MESH, you can choose from different types of community memberships to nurture, grow and expand your network, rent event spaces and meeting rooms, attend monthly events or just hang out in our Food & Drink Bar with friends or colleagues.  Check out their website to learn more (www.meshnorway.com).

Beznazwy-2Oslo soup is proud to partner with Et sunt frø who dispel the myth that gluten free bread “just ‘ain’t right!” In fact, their bread is smashing, heathy and homemade.  Oslo soup met up with Et sunt frø promoting their goodies at the annual Oslo Vegetarfestival and were wowed by their passion and knowledge of their wonderful range of breads including their brill sourdough bread.  😉

They offer spreads and healthy treats as well such as their delicious date bites which are sooooooo juicy (dribble!).

Oslo soup is very grateful to Et sunt frø for their kind donation of bread which will also make the washing up easier as you can mop up all those lovely soup juices with their lush loaf! 🙂