We were so happy to feature Ewoud who is presenting the project titled, Incredible Globe, at our event on August 27th!  Read more about Ewoud’s project below:

Project Description

At Incredible Globe we believe that social change is the key to creating a sustainable planet, and that our way of living shouldn’t cost the earth. We also believe that powerful personal experiences can inspire us to protect our world and help solve the environmental challenges we face today.

The great naturalist Sir David Attenborough says it best:
“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they never have experienced”.

We organise educational film events to spread the message about environmental issues and promote life-changing experiences that connect you to nature directly. We also support alternative ideas and solutions that help you to reduce your carbon footprint by making small changes in everyday life.

Our mission is to host events all over the world, but we need you to help us do so. By becoming an ambassador of Incredible Globe you have the opportunity to host one of our events in your own city. They are always social, fun, highly educational and give you the perfect chance to inspire others to change the world.

Be the experience and help us to create an Incredible Globe.


Why does this idea matter to you and to the city of Oslo?

Because the environment matters to all life on our planet 🙂


How will you use this microfunding?

Depending on the amount we plan to use the contribution to organise either a free version of one of our educational film events in Oslo, or to establish a partnership with a tree planting organisation called Eden Projects. To setup this partnership we need to make a first time donation of 2500NOK and once setup the full donation is used to plant our first 2500 trees. The partnership helps us to CO2 offset the events we organise and for every event ticket we sell around the world we donate money to plant new trees. So for example if 100 people attend one of our events, together we plant a thousand new trees around the world. We have chosen for this particular organisation as all trees are planted by local community members in under developed countries and this generates an income for the families involved.


What elements of community or sustainability will be addressed with your idea?

We focus on sustainable living and share ideas with people on how to become part of a global solution.


How do you contact the project?  Visit them at the following links: