We were so happy to feature Cristian who presented the project titled, Tooler, at our event on November 26th!  Read more about the project below:

Project Description

We all may know several sharing schemes in Oslo, from sharing bikes – Oslo Bysykkel, to sharing cars – Oslo Bilkollektivet, which are already changing people’s lives. These however cover only some product groups. We at Tooler believe that sharing can be extended to other product groups as well. There are many objects that we keep in our homes and rarely use, from various tools to mountain gear or other special equipment.

Today Tooler offers rental of tools in Oslo which users can book online and pick-up in their neighbourhood from 7-Eleven, use them, and then return to 7-Eleven. We are a small startup, have launched our service in May 2017 (tooler.no), and have a few pilot locations – three 7-Eleven stores. We cover the whole city with home delivery in case the user wants larger tools or prefers this option. The tools are very high quality, battery driven, and from the best brands.

Our underlying philosophy is to offer a rental experience so good that it outcompetes the user’s decision to purchase. We use 4 main ingredients in shaping our service: 1) A convenient booking experience online, 2) Proximity to people’s homes and convenient pick-up / return, 3) Better quality products (compared to buying) and 4) Affordability (no need to buy the equipment anymore). On top, we are also saving valuable space for the people living in apartments.

Tooler next steps are two-fold – first, growing our current Tooler business, and second, starting to expand beyond tools. We are already in discussions with a leading Scandinavian sports clothing brand to use our platform (both IT and our distribution network) for sharing of clothing. Also, we are developing pilots for the tourist industry where you combine rental of equipment with tours and activities through our platform.

Why does this idea matter to you?

I personally believe that sustainable business can and should thrive in today’s world. The ways we have developed our economies, with high focus on consumption, are not very resource friendly. Sharing and the community spirit can be enhanced much more, I believe, and the Norwegian society is in particular very well suited to lead by example. Building a successful pilot in Norway and Oslo in particular could also inspire behaviour change in other places as well.

How will you idea make Oslo a better place?

Besides the value to individual users, our project strengthens the community spirit – by encouraging sharing, and provides environmental benefits – saving resources / reducing the material used in producing the equipment that is otherwise bought.

How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept?

We would like to use the micro-grant funding to support us spreading the awareness of the Tooler service in Oslo. We intend to organise a series of “open days” including stands in front of 7-Eleven stores, showcasing our tools to people and how easy it is to book online.

The micro-grant would cover the material costs such as: a stand, a few posters / flag, flyers to be distributed, branded t-shirts, other design costs.


How do you contact the project?  Visit them at the following links: