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Frequently Asked Questions about presenting at an oslo soup event

How long should my presentation be?

If selected, your presentation should be up to 4 minutes.  Please also be prepared for up to 4 questions from the crowd as well.

What language do I present in?

All presentations should be in English.  We have decided to use English to include many demographics in the Oslo area.

What are the rules for applying?

Two main rules: (1) Your idea must benefit Oslo city or the surrounding suburbs. (2) You cannot use PowerPoint (or other technology medium) to present at the event.

When are the proposals due?

Typically 2 weeks prior to the event.  Please check Our Next Event page for the specific due date.

How many proposals do you accept for each event?

We only have time for four proposals per oslo soup event. Much more than that, it is hard to have a constructive dialogue about each proposal as we are eating, as well as having short attention spans!

My idea is a work in progress. Should I still submit?

Think through what kind of project you are submitting.  If you don’t think you can pull together the idea, be able to implement this with the community, or be able to share (whether it succeeds or not) how the progress of… Continue Reading →

My idea works really well with PowerPoint. Does your space have that capability?

While technology is helpful in many of our daily lives, those involved in oslo soup believe you can share your proposal without it.  You are more than welcome to bring in visuals to enhance your idea.

The oslo soup event has happened but my idea didn’t get picked. Can I resubmit?

Absolutely!  You can submit your idea more than once! If your idea doesn’t get selected for the most recent oslo soup event, please submit again!

Do I need to be a resident of Oslo, Norway to submit a proposal?

You do not have to be a resident to submit an idea.  We want to hear from all!

My idea is for a different area of Norway. Can I submit?

No. Your ideas must support Oslo, Norway or the surrounding area.

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